The Central Department of Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology, Tribhuvan University is responsible for teaching and making researches in areas of Culture,  Archaeology, Traditional Art and Architecture , Numismatics, Museology, Iconography, Paleography, Epigraphy and Tourism . Currently it offers Masters level program along with Ph.D. Program in collaboration with the Dean’s office. Humanities and Social Science.



Archaeological  evidences have brought forth the fact that Nepal had been a land of pre-historic human activities since the onset of human evolution but historic references so far can take our history to just 2000 years back. However, written Chronicles and historic literature’s drafted at different times point out to the concrete fact that Nepal’s history goes far beyond 2000 years.

In academic discourses, modern approach to the teaching and learning of history began in 1811 A.D. As such, Culture and History was introduced in 1959 as academia in Tribhuvan University. In the initiation phase, History and Political Science were taught in the same department as combined discipline whereas Sanskrit and Culture were combined and taught  in another department. In 1964. History and Culture were incorporated under one same department. Four years later in 1968 History and Culture began to be taught separately through different departments.



The Central Department of Nepalese History & Culture is equipped with a library that comprises of books on Nepalese Culture, History Archaeology, Religion, Architecture & many more. The books are categorized as test-references, dissertations, magazines and tabloids. Students & researchers can use the library within office hours. The books are not issued for home use.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum:  Terracotta objects, lithic findings, pottery sample and various sculptured objects are finely housed and displayed in the archaeological museum of the department. These objects have had been collected from different parts of Nepal through explorations and excavations conducted by department. Practical classes on Art, Pre-History and Archaeology are conducted here to aid and supplement the theoretical classes on such subjects. Students shall make use of the museum facilities in prior permission of the authorities of the department.