At present, the department offers different subjects ranging from Pre History, Ancient History, Archaeology, Cultural Tourism to Heritage Preservation and Management at Post Graduate level. It also offers specialized courses for the students of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  Both the programs are carried out under/coordination with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Department aims to produce competent  human resource who can work in the field of Archaeology, Museums, Along with the regular academic programs at Masters and PhD, the department also frequently arranges workshops for teachers. All the teachers teaching Culture at different Campuses are also invited in such workshops. These workshops mainly focuses on learning modern teaching techniques, reviewing the curriculum and updating.  Department also intends to hold an international conference in future. The Department has its own annual publication under the name of ‘Nepalese Culture’. The contributors of the journal are mainly the faculty members, retired teachers of the same department along with other scholars/ experts from different fields. From this year’s edition the journal is made peer reviewed journal.

1. Regular academic programs of Masters and PhD level along with other research activities.

2. Department has adopted the IT based teaching methods in its classrooms, such practice helps to increase the interest of the students in the subject.

3. Department organizes regular field visits within the valley and outside to impart more practical knowledge. Subjects like Archaeology , Art, Iconography and Architecture are taught at class and field also. Such field visits helps students to have better understandings of the subject matter.

4. Department organizes exploration and excavation training for its students. Department is participating in this excavation tours organized by/ collaboration with Durham University, UK and Department of Archaeology, Nepal under the guidance of UNESCO. Since 2011, department has regularly participated in such exploration and excavation trainings.

5. Apart from these other research works are carried out by the faculties under the schemes of different research grants from Research Division TU, University Grant Commission and other national and international institutes/organizations.

6. Department holds regular interaction of the faculties which helps in strengthening and upgrading teaching methods. Workshops which mainly aim in updating the syllabus are held at regular intervals. Along with these department has also held few national seminars on different aspects of Culture.