Department as a central department of University Campus, Tribhuvan University have certain objectives which are as follows:

1. Provide academic leadership to the constituent and affiliated campuses which have academic programs on the subject.
2. To prepare and implement the courses of Bachelors’ Masters’ and Ph.D program.
3. To help and provide expert’s advice to Nepal Government on implementation of country’s cultural policies.
4. Provide necessary advice to NG in preparing and updating the school level and higher school level syllabus of Culture.
5. Timely revision and updating the syllabus for better results.
6. To produce eligible manpower who are experts in their respective fields to work in Department of Archaeology, different museums, National Archives, Cultural and Tourism Ministry etc.
7. To promote research-based activities and involve its teachers as well as students of different levels thus making contributions in preservation and promotion of Tangible and Intangible heritage of the country.