Universities are such institutions that provide universal degree. The certificate given by the university is accepted globally. Therefore, Universities needs to improve their quality. Our University is still very back in quality ranking. Therefore, Tribhuvan University is attempting to improve the quality and the University Grant Commission is assisting for the same purpose of the Universities. We need to improve quality to compete with other university globally.
Central department of Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology is trying to improve its quality in teaching, learning and research program from the time of its establishment. Our department is providing Masters, MPhil and Doctorate program which are based on research study. We are doing our best from the beginning. However, we have to manage different provisions for the quality education, information, evaluation and recording system there are still some lacking and weaknesses. Therefore, we are trying to evaluate our quality ourselves to rush forward to maintain quality.
UGC QAA section is thankful for encouraging us to complete the LoI form and complete SSR. Special thanks goes to Dr Prem Bahadur Thapa, the coordinator of TU QAA section who provided necessary help and suggestion for completing this report. SSR preparation team of the department also needs special mention in this regard. This team worked regularly and completed the SSR report. So we would like to thank this team for their efforts. The faculty members and the staffs of the department also deserves our sincere thanks who have provided their time and helped in every possible manner to complete this report.


Volume 1 Institutional Profile Annex

Volume 2 Criterion 1 (policy and procedure)

Volume 3 Criterion 2 (Curricular aspect)

Volume 4 Criterion 3 (Teaching Learning and evaluation)

Volume 5 Criterion 4 (Research consultancy and Extension)

Volume 6 Criterion 5 Infrastructure and learning resources

Volume 7 criterion 6 Student support and guidance

Volume 8 Criterion 7 Information System

Volume 9 Criterion 8 Public information